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Rebar Mats

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Stein Brothers Steel’s new automated rebar welding plant is the first of its kind in the USA and is designed to get you moving from job to job quickly. This plant delivers unparalleled rebar securement and precision, regardless of the specifications. No more hand-tied rebar, bundles of rebar scattered all over the job site, or delays due to rebar spacing outside of tolerance. Stein’s partnership with a leading automation company that strives on innovation, quality, and reliability puts Stein Brothers Steel above the rest. Stein is able to weld rebar connections, longitudinally and transversely, in milliseconds, enabling you to be more competitive when bidding and finish jobs on time and on budget.

Saves Time

  • Pre-assembly eliminates excessive time tying rebar

  • Meet all specifications and inspections the first time

  • Manufactured according to direct CAD drawings

Saves Money

  • Less money hiring, training and replacing rod workers

  • Less straight rebar on jobsite wasted or waiting to get damaged

  • Less guess work and human error that leads to lower profits

Saves Material

  • Precision length cutting

  • No extra waste from over estimating product

  • Reduce wire ties and eliminate rebar cutters on job sites

Quality of Work

  • Unbeatable bar placing accuracy

  • Welded rebar with custom spacing, dimensions, and wire diameters

  • Eliminates job site wracking and unwanted motions

Makes Stronger Connections

  • Rebar welded longitudinally and transversely

  • Cascade welding technology with medium frequency welding, leading industry standards

  • Customized requirements precisely met

  • Never re-tie mat after install

Promotes Health & Safety

  • Safest and fastest rebar assembly in the industry

  • Prevent wrist fatigue and cuts from wire tying

  • Eliminate burn, flash and back injuries in the field

  • Reduced insurance claims

Just in time

  • Stein will assist in all layout, estimating, and detailing needs

  • Custom product ready when you need it instead of multiple loads of straight rebar waiting to be assembled

  • Competitive bidding details to help you make the most of your profits

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